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Crawl Spaces

Ascend can install your radon system in conjunction with a fully conditioned crawlspace to ensure better comfort, increased energy efficiency, and provide healthier indoor air quality.

Let Ascend Construction show you how a properly insulated crawl space in your Colorado home can be more comfortable and save money on your utility bills.

Homes that are built with crawl spaces should have that area protected against mold, mildew, and heat loss. Our unique approach to conditioning and protecting your home's crawl space is top-notch and extremely effective!

Why Ascend Construction For Your Crawl Space Issues?

  • We provide a free crawl space inspection and assessment
  • Our crawl space air sealing decreases your energy costs and improves your total home comfort
  • Air sealing your crawlspace improves your health through indoor air quality. By installing a crawlspace floor barrier & air sealing the walls, pollutants like mold, mildew, dust, & radon no longer can find their way into the breathing space of your home.
  • Your crawlspace floor receives a fully adhered & air sealed radon rated moisture barrier.
  • Crawlspace walls are insulated with our industry leading spray foam.


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Prior Crawl Space Projects In Colorado

Colorado Crawl Space FAQs:

Crawl Space Insulation & Encapsulation

When working with Ascend Construction on your conditioned crawlspace job, you have peace of mind knowing that your crawlspace will be at the forefront of building science for comfort, efficiency, and health. Read more...

Colorado Crawl Space Encapsulation

Crawl Space Encapsulation Vs Vapor Barrier

image of crawl space in home with insulation

What differentiates crawl space encapsulation from vapor barrier is the thickness of the material used as well as how effectively the interior of the crawl space is sealed. Each of these methods has its own pros and cons. Therefore, you should seek advice from a qualified local encapsulation contractor before you settle on one method.

With Ascend Construction, you don't need to spend a lot of time searching the internet for "crawl space encapsulation contractors near me." Instead, you can trust the certified contractors at Ascend Construction. We have ample experience working with crawl spaces.

Vapor Barrier

Moisture causes a wide range of issues such as mold, mildew growth, and rot in crawl spaces. A vapor barrier reduces the likelihood of groundwater evaporating into your crawl space. With a vapor barrier, a thin (4 to 6 mm) black (typically) sheet of plastic is used to cover the floor of your crawl space. While the plastic linings overlie at the seams, the vapor barrier doesn't create a sealed system. It's usually not attached to the columns and walls. Because it's not an entirely sealed system, moisture may still get into your crawl space. Therefore, it's not the most efficient solution in preventing moisture from accumulating under your house.


Encapsulation is a more effective option that is coupled with water management in crawl spaces. With the encapsulation process, all cracks, holes, vents in your crawl space that can allow moisture in are sealed. A thick plastic covering that's 12 to 20 mm is used to entirely seal the crawl space. The lining is polyester-covered and thus more durable.

Importantly, every seam is sealed and the liner is fasted to the columns and walls, creating an entirely sealed system. With encapsulation, you should also include a dehumidifier to ensure the crawlspace is completely free of moisture. If you have any moisture issues in your crawl space, you don't necessarily have to search for "crawl space encapsulation near me." Instead, contact the certified contractors at Ascend Construction for assistance.

Best Crawl Space Insulation In Colorado

Crawl space insulation is an important part of home insulation and air sealing. It makes your home much more energy-efficient. Without adequate insulation, a lot of the cool air and heat can be lost through your floor. In other words, the best crawl space insulation method helps reduce energy costs as well as preserve air quality. Crawl spaces are either ventilated or unventilated. While each type of crawl space requires a specific type of insulation, the main goal of crawl space insulation is to create a thermal envelope.

Ventilated Crawl Space

If yours is a ventilated crawlspace, which is great because ventilation helps eliminate moisture, insulation can be installed underneath the subfloor. The insulation should be covered with a vapor barrier to prevent moisture accumulation and the havoc that it causes such as mold and mildew growth.

Unventilated Crawl Space

If your crawlspace is unventilated, the crawlspace walls should be ventilated instead of the subfloor. This takes less insulation material and the ducts and pipes won't have to be insulated separately. You should also cover the dirt floor with a vapor barrier or encapsulate it to increase protection. So, is insulating crawl space worth it? Yes, it's an essential part of increasing your home's energy efficiency.

Crawl Space Dehumidifier In Colorado

Excess moisture, mold, and musty odor are some of the issues you may have to deal with if your crawl space is vented. In addition to encapsulation, you can prevent unhealthy conditions and improve the air quality by installing a crawlspace dehumidifier.

Where To Place Dehumidifier In Crawl Space

Your dehumidifier should ideally be placed where the airflow and drainage are unhindered. Some dehumidifiers can generate a bit of noise so in this case, you should place it when the noise won't be a bother. A concrete wall with a flat surface is a great location in this regard because it makes it easier to drain all the water from the internal pan. Furthermore, you should be able to access the dehumidifier for seasonal cleaning and maintenance.

Cost To Run Dehumidifier In Crawl Space

The cost of running a dehumidifier is hinged on numerous factors like operation time as well as watt rating. To get a more precise monthly cost, you can multiply the watt rating by the total time it runs per month and compare the result with your local electricity rates. To ensure your dehumidifier is energy efficient, get a unit that's Energy Star-rated. To enjoy these benefits, contact Ascend Construction instead of spending a lot of time searching for "crawl space dehumidifier installation near me."

Crawl Space FAQs

How much does crawl space insulation cost in Colorado?

The cost will be dependent on the nature and scale of your project. Call Ascend Construction today to get a precise estimate.

What is the best insulation for crawl spaces in Colorado?

The ideal insulation for your project will depend on your unique circumstances including, among others, budget and personal preferences. To figure out what's ideal for you, talk to a crawl space insulation contractor in Colorado. Call Ascend Construction today for your free estimate.

What are my crawl space insulation options?

Your options will come down to whether your crawl space is ventilated or unventilated. By working with us at Ascend Construction, we'll determine the option that's ideal for you, your family and, your budget.

Should my crawl space insulation be faced or unfaced?

Insulation facing is essentially a vapor or moisture barrier. Moisture can cause disastrous effects like rot and mold. So you should install faced insulation. Importantly, if your insulation project entails using more than one layer of insulation, ensure the layer that has faced doesn't lie on top of the unfaced layers. Otherwise, moisture may seep into the insulation and cause damage.

How do I find the best crawl space insulation companies in Colorado?

Many would consider searching the internet or word of mouth as the easiest and most effective way to go about this. Fortunately, once you work with Ascend Construction, you will no longer need to find an insulation contractor in Colorado. We prioritize our customers' needs and go above and beyond their expectations.

Inspection and Preparation

Standard crawlspace jobs start with a full inspection of your crawlspace. Any debris found on the crawlspace floor that could potentially harm your new barrier install will be removed.

Barrier Installation

Once the crawlspace floor is prepared, sections of white, radon-rated crawlspace barriers will be installed. Our barrier is fully adhered to all foundation walls & floor penetrations to create a completely air-sealed crawlspace floor. Doing this reduces the risk of any potential moisture, radon, dust, or other harmful particulates from entering your breathing space.

Closed Cell Spray Foam Insulation Installation

After your barrier is installed, two-part closed-cell spray foam is applied to your foundation walls from the ground up to your rim and joist. A rim and joist is a location where wooden framing members meet concrete foundation, creating an irregular seal leading to high levels of air leakage. Your rim and joist is fully spray foamed eliminating air leakage points. Spray foam is carried down over your crawlspace walls to fully insulate your crawlspace from the elements, thus creating a “conditioned crawlspace”.

The end result is a crawl space that is fully protected against mold, mildew and has a much higher R-value with less air leakage.

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