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Garage Insulation

Ascend has worked to perfect a process to insulate floor cavities above a garage to their full potential, taking steps well beyond traditional building standards to provide customers higher comfort than can be achieved elsewhere.

Whether a bedroom above your garage space is feeling the effects of the outdoor temperatures, or your garage gets a bit too uncomfortable to work in during peak seasons, Ascend Construction has returned these previously uninhabitable spaces back to their homeowners to once again use to their fullest potential.

Why Consider Improving Your Colorado Garage Insulation?

  • Improved comfort for rooms directly above a garage.
  • Reduce the risk of water lines bursting in bathrooms adjoining garage space.
  • Reduced risk of carbon monoxide and other pollutants entering living space.
  • Increase comfort in your garage during peak seasons.


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Prior Garage Insulation Installation Projects In Colorado

Floor Over Garage Insulation FAQs:

Garage Insulation

When dealing with uncomfortable rooms above or adjacent to garages, having the proper garage insulation is essential to reclaim your home's comfort. Ascend Construction can make this a reality for you and your family! Read more...

Colorado Garage Insulation

Pros and Cons of Insulating Garage


  • Turn your Garage into an Extra Living Space: If you're hoping to turn your garage into a living space, a gym, or an office, then you'll likely need to have better control of the temperature in the garage which is why you should insulate it.
  • Protect Stored Items: If like many people you use your garage as a storage space, then insulation is important. While an uninsulated garage may protect your items from the elements, it won't be effective in shielding them from extreme temperature. Insulation can ensure that your items aren't damaged due to humidity and rust.
  • Protect against Dangerous Gases: Many folks start their vehicles in their garages, leading to the accumulation of carbon monoxide in their garages. Without adequate insulation, the gas can creep into your house. Take note the in high concentrations, this gas can be deadly.
  • Sound Barrier: Insulation can serve as a sound barrier. It can prevent the sound of your music or work out from getting out. It can also keep out the sounds from the outside, which is especially important if you intend to use your garage as an office, or say music studio.


  • It's Easy to Get Wrong: If you miss a few openings on your garage's thermal envelope, your insulation won't be optimally effective. It's therefore important that you work with a professional like Ascend Construction to ensure your investment pays off.
  • Can Be Dangerous: If you opt for a low-grade insulation material with no fire rating, that decision may lead to hazardous consequences. Insulation should be fire-resistant; otherwise, you'll put your safety and other people's safety at risk.
  • Cost: The expenses that come with insulation are fairly low, but the price can be significant if yours is a large space.

Garage Door Insulation In Colorado

garage workshop


If your garage door is not insulated and well-sealed, your other efforts (insulating, cooling, and heating) won't be effective. You can get a qualified contractor to fill your existing door using spray foam or apply the hard foam on the external surface.

To avoid falling victim to unscrupulous contractors, don't search the internet indiscriminately for "garage door insulation near me." Instead, contact the experienced and certified contractors here at Ascend Construction for a garage door insulation cost estimate and other related details.

Colorado Garage Insulation Cost

The cost of installing insulation in your garage will be dependant on your preferences, materials used, as well the size of your garage.

For instance, spray foam insulation is fantastic for air-sealing, and it provides excellent R-Value. The high-end material is used for energy-efficient construction so it's especially suitable if you want to convert your garage to a living space.

To get a garage spray foam insulation cost estimate, provide Ascend Construction with the specifics of your project.

Best Garage Insulation

The ideal choice for your insulation project will depend on how you intend to use the garage space. If you want to limit noise, temperature difference, odors, and toxic airflow, spray foam works great.

Garage Spray Foam vs Cellulose: Blow-in insulation like cellulose will work great if there's already drywall in the garage. Temporary holes can be used to install it and it offers a great R-factor.

Garage Spray Foam vs Fiberglass: You can also opt for fiberglass batt, although it isn't as effective in air-sealing and insulating as spray foam. Additionally, you'll have to make cost and installation trade-offs. You can use foam to seal the interiors of your house, but fiberglass won't be useful in that regard. Batt only creates a barrier on the inside wall. In addition to it being great for air-sealing and insulating, garage spray foam also creates a water-resistant barrier, which is particularly important because of the amount of moisture a rain/snow-covered car holds. Spray foam won't be affected by these conditions.

Garage Installation FAQs

How to install insulation in garage ceiling

If the garage is below a living or storage space, you should spray foam underneath the upper floor. But if the ceiling has already been constructed and you don't want to remodel it, you can opt for blow-in insulation. You can choose between cellulose and fiberglass; with trade-offs in longevity, R-value, cost, and ease of installation.

What insulation to use in a garage?

The ideal option should be based on your overall goals. Therefore, you should work with your Ascend Csontruction to figure out the best option for your project.

What insulation to use in a garage ceiling?

The ideal option will depend on, among other factors, your preferences, budget, and the structure of your house.

What R-value does insulation for garage walls provide?

The R-value will be dependant on the kind of garage insulation you opt for. With the help of Ascend Construction, you can figure out the R-value of each insulation option offered.

What To Expect With Garage Insulation Project From Ascend Construction

When working with Ascend Construction on your garage insulation project, you can rest assured knowing Ascend is the best choice in returning comfort to areas once thought unusable.

Insulating garage spaces can be treated in two separate ways, depending on the needs of a customer.

  • If rooms adjacent to or above a garage space are feeling the effects of an unconditioned garage, a floor over garage dense pack may be for you.
  • If spending time in your garage is becoming unbearable due to peak season temperatures, insulating the walls and ceiling of your garage could help return usability to this space year-round.

Floor Over Garage Dense Pack Insulation

Living spaces situated above garages are notorious for having comfort issues. A large reason why this occurs lies in the insulation in the framing cavities separating the floor of your living space, from the ceiling of the garage. These framing members typically range in size from 8”-12” in width, yet during construction receive batt insulation much smaller than the cavity space.

Not only is this area under-insulated, but air gaps left in these cavities provide space for pollutants such as carbon monoxide from your vehicles to enter your home.

At Ascend Construction we have created a remedy for this issue called a floor over garage dense pack. This process starts by removing a strip of drywall across the framing members in your garage ceiling. We then remove the existing under-insulated batt insulation from the framing cavities.

Doing this allows us full access to provide densely packed insulation into the entirety of the cavity space, without obstructions. By eliminating air gaps left behind by batt insulation and densely packing the framing cavities, we have reduced air and pollutant entry while simultaneously improving comfort in your living space.

Garage Conditioning

If your garage space is becoming unbearable due to temperature extremes outside, it may be time to consider insulating your garage space.

Garage walls & ceilings can be insulated through a variety of options such as a net and blow dense pack, spray foam insulation, foam flashing, or batt insulation. To learn more about each of these options click here.

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