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Insulation & Energy Products

Ascend Construction only uses best in class, industry leading products for all of our projects.

You can depend on Ascend Construction and our partnership with the best suppliers of insulation, whole house fans, and energy products.

When you hire Ascend to handle your home or business insulation and energy efficiency needs, you can rest assured that you will receive only the best quality products, installed with the most up-to-date, current, industry leading installation specifications.

Why Consider Ascend Construction For Your Energy Needs?

  • A contractor is only as good as the products we install. Thats why, at Ascend Construction we choose only the highest quality materials to keep up with our level of installation quality.
  • Ascend construction utilizes only the best quality products at the cutting edge of building science to maximize the quality of your construction project.
  • The team of insulation technicians at Ascend Construction is frequently trained by both industry professionals and product manufacturers to ensure perfect quality installs you can count on.
  • The product list to be installed by Ascend Construction is chosen to last the life of your home, so you never need to worry about having your insulation work done again.


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Products We Install

Certainteed Insulsafe Loose Blown Fiberglass

Certainteed Insulsafe Loose Blown Fiberglass Installation

InsulSafe® SP premium loose fill insulation, manufactured by CertainTeed, was created to provide our customers with reliable, energy efficient insulation performance. This product is exceptional with the reduction of energy consumption & efficiency. It is ideal for both retrofit installation projects as well as new construction.

Knauf Jet StreamLoose Blown Fiberglass

Knauf Jet StreamLoose Blown Fiberglass

Knauf's blown fiberglass product provides superior air resistance and temperature control for new construction as well as retrofitting existing buildings or new construction. This premium product is BIBS approved. Made with recycled glass, it is an environmentally smarter way to stand up to the cold and help you reduce energy expenses.

Green Fiber Cellulose

Green Fiber Cellulose

Greenfiber low dust insulation is the perfect loose fill fibers insulation to fill gaps and voids, creating an extremely energy efficient thermal blanket to guarantee reduced energy costs while helping to reduce exterior noise. This product is fire resistant, made with 85% recycled material, and meets Class 1 Fire Rating for top quality protection.

HandiFoam® Two Part Closed Cell Spray Foam

HandiFoam two part closed cell spray foam

HandiFoam® E84 low pressure spray polyurethane foam as exceptional adhesion properties that makes this the perfect spray foam product to seal air gaps in your property. This results in enhanced indoor air quality and reduced energy expenses, leading many homes or buildings to be certified in their respective energy designation.

Airscape Whole House Fans

Airscape whole house fans

AirScape whole house fans are designed to run quietly at night, bringing in a steady supply of exterior cool air through your home's open windows while drawing out the hot stale air through attic vents. A whole house fan helps to create an environment that is cool and fresh.