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Whole House Fan

Ascend goes above and beyond whole house fan installation to calculate and install customer specific roof ventilation in line with manufacturer's specifications of your new Airscape whole house fan.

Summertime had always created a constant struggle between the need for cooling your home while working to save money on the high electricity bill created by your Air Conditioner.

No longer must you choose between your comfort and your rising utility bills. The Colorado climate is one of the few areas in the country that provide the perfect climate to utilize energy-efficient Airscape whole-house fans to cool your home.

Why Consider Installing A Whole House Fan In Your Colorado Home?

  • Cool evening temperatures and hot afternoons in Colorado create the perfect climate to utilize whole house fans.
  • Airscape whole house fans are highly energy efficient and can cool a house without using AC.
  • Average night temperatures in Northern Colorado are below 60 degrees, even through June, July and August.
  • Ascend Construction calculates existing roof ventilation and will install new ventilation if needed to ensure your fan works to its full design specifications.


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Prior Whole House Fan Installation Projects In Colorado

Colorado House Fan FAQs:

Whole House Fan Installations

A whole house fan installation is a great way to cool your home during summer without necessarily hiking your energy costs. Compared to compressor-based air conditioners, whole-house fans consume up to 90% less energy. As such, they are an incredible investment for your home. Read more...

Colorado WHF Installations

When it comes to home cooling in Colorado, you should compare a whole-house fan vs attic fan and choose a suitable option depending on your cooling needs.

Here's a look at the common differences between typical whole-house fans and attic fans:

  • A whole-house fan cools your house by drawing warm air from your living space into the attic. By doing this, the fan creates a negative pressure in your living space which, in turn, draws cool air through the windows and doors to replace the vacuum created in your house. On the other hand, an attic fan only expels warm air from the attic into the atmosphere through vents installed on the roof.
  • Whole-house fans are manually operated depending on the cooling needs while attic fans automatically switch on and off in response to the temperature fluctuations.
  • Whole-house fans are typically a bit more costly than attic fans.
  • While whole-house fans are usually installed on the ceiling between the attic and the living space, attic fans are placed in the attic or roof depending on the design of the house.

Insulation Costs For Fans In Colorado

Typically, the costs of whole-house fan installation vary based on factors such as the size of your home and the number of vents needed. With this in mind, the best way to determine the whole-house fan cost to install is to file an estimate request with our installation contractors.

WHF Installation FAQs

Airscape whole house fans


What is a whole house fan (WHF)?

As the name implies, a whole-house fan cools the whole house rather than specific rooms. This means it works differently than single-room air conditioners and portable fans, which only cool specific spaces. Moreover, a whole-house fan is usually installed in the attic.

How does a fan for the entire home work?

When you switch on your whole-house fan, the louvers open to pave way for the flow of air. Then, the fan creates negative pressure in your living space, drawing cool air through the windows, doors, and other openings. It creates this vacuum by suctioning warm air from your living space into the attic, where it is pushed into the atmosphere through vents. This cycle continues until you attain a comfortable temperature in the living space.

How much does a whole-house fan cost?

The cost of a whole-house fan varies depending on factors such as the size of the fan, model, installation costs, quality, location, and manufacturer. With this in mind, ensure you contact our professionals to inquire about the prices for our whole house fans.

What size WHF do I need?

Typically, the size of a whole house fan you choose should depend on the size of your house as well as the cooling efficiency you require. This is because, while a fan with a low CMF rating will not only consume a lot of energy in an attempt to meet the cooling demands but also cool your home inefficiently, a higher rated one may excessively cool your home.

Therefore, before you purchase a whole fan, you should consult our energy professionals to help you determine the right size of fan for your home.

What To Expect When Having Ascend Construction Install A Whole House Fan

Whole house fans are the most energy-efficient way to cool your Colorado home in the cooling season and keep your home cool throughout the day.

In fact, a typical mid-size 3-ton AC unit draws nearly 20 times more wattage than a mid-size Airscape whole-house fan. Whole house fans are extremely effective and efficient in climates with hot days, cool nights, and low humidity.

Colorado is one of the few regions in the country that perfectly fit these climate requirements to take full advantage of inexpensive whole-house fan cooling. Using the cool air provided by nature is not only a smart move but a responsible move in minimizing our impact on the environment.

Ascend Construction installs only the most energy efficient whole house fans, and landed on Airscape whole house fans for the following reasons:

  • Airscape fans are built to be highly energy efficient compared to other fans during operation.
  • Airscape offers WHF utilizing air locking dampers, with insulation properties of R-49. When not in use, having a whole-house fan with air locking and insulated doors dramatically helps in the storage of cool evening air throughout hot afternoons.

You can count on Ascend Construction to provide a full-service whole house fan install that includes much more than simply installing your new Airscape whole house fan. Airscape whole-house fans are designed to be mounted in your attic space, openly blowing into your attic. Without adequate roof ventilation, your attic space would become pressurized, thus decreasing the airflow and ability of your new whole house fan to move air.

We will perform a full service inspection and calculation of existing roof ventilation on your home, and we will install the new ventilation required to get the most out of your whole house fan purchase.

Whole house fans can eliminate the need for air conditioning in Colorado when paired with proper fan use & a well-insulated home. Whole house fans should be run in the evening, with windows opposite of the fan location left open to exchange cool air throughout the entire home. Whole house fans should be turned off once the air inside your home cools to your desired proximity to outside air temperature.

Airscape fans come pre-programmed with the option to set a timer, aiding in the ability to turn your fan off during the evening even while you are asleep. Homes that are well insulated and air sealed have the ability to store your cool evening air throughout even the hottest points of the day allowing you to stay cool and comfortable, without breaking the bank on utility bills. In Colorado, whole-house fans are the smart and responsible choice for summertime comfort.

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