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What Are The Benefits Of An Energy Audit?

thermal image of the house during an energy audit

Many homeowners are concerned about excessive energy consumption and soaring energy costs. They want to push these down to more manageable levels, but they aren’t sure where to start. If you find yourself in this situation, then consider getting a professional energy audit. This service will unlock specialized solutions for greater energy efficiency. Keep reading to explore the benefits of an energy audit.

What is an Energy Audit?

An energy audit is an examination of the current energy efficiency of a home or commercial building. A highly efficient structure can keep everyone comfortable using less energy than an average home. Meanwhile, an inefficient building will waste a lot of energy. Auditors will check electricity consumption, find structural issues, and determine areas of concern. They will provide an official report containing detailed information about issues and solutions. It’s a good idea to conduct an energy audit before starting renovation or HVAC replacement.

What Happens During an Energy Audit?

energy efficiency graph depicting energy audit benefits


The first part of the audit is a walkthrough of the house’s interior and exterior. Auditors will use this as an opportunity to see all the lighting fixtures, appliances, and other energy-dependent devices. They will evaluate the current energy usage patterns and pinpoint the problem areas. The walkthrough will allow them to see vital elements up-close. They can determine how these contribute to the home’s overall energy efficiency. Auditors are particularly interested in insulation levels, HVAC systems, whole-house fans, doors, and windows.


After getting to know the home a little better, the auditor will conduct a few standard tests. One is the blower door test which measures the tightness of the building’s envelope. It will reveal the amount of air leakage and the exact areas where leaks happen. The auditor may also conduct a thermographic scan to determine the home’s energy use. Sophisticated equipment such as surface thermometers, infrared cameras, and furnace efficiency meters are employed for accuracy. Old utility bills will be useful in completing the assessments, as well.


Once all the data have been gathered and analyzed, auditors will come up with suitable recommendations to improve home efficiency. This can be the blueprint for a home improvement plan. Although the changes may cost money, they will drastically reduce the utility bills for years to come. The total savings will offset the initial cost. The entire energy audit will take between 30 minutes to 4 hours, depending on the size of the home.

The Benefits of an Energy Audit for Homeowners

Identify Energy Problems Before They Get Worse

Owners may be dealing with multiple energy issues in their home without even knowing it. Auditors have the knowledge and experience to identify these quickly. After becoming aware of these problems, owners can take steps to solve them now and avoid worse troubles in the future.

Get Personalized Recommendations

General energy-saving tips have their basis, but they may not be helpful for all homeowners. Everyone has a different of circumstances and needs. Therefore, people need personalized recommendations to optimize their home’s energy efficiency. That is exactly what professional auditors can provide.

Increase the Comfort for House Occupants

People are spending more time at home thanks to changes in work and study arrangements. It is important for them to stay comfortable as this increases their productivity. An energy audit can lead the way towards better insulation and sealing. The result will be a more efficient and reliable HVAC system that helps people focus on their tasks.

Boost the Property’s Value

A lot of buyers are looking for “green” homes. With an energy audit, you can figure out the ways in which you can increase your green credentials and attract more bids. These should push the price of the property up, should you ever decide to sell it. You can make a great first impression by enumerating all the high-efficiency modifications performed since the audit.

Reduce Environmental Impact

Of course, it’s not just for show. The auditors will show the path towards higher energy efficiency, and the reduced consumption will lead to a lower carbon footprint. This will help in the global effort to prevent a climate crisis. Time is running out and every bit counts.

Prolong HVAC Equipment Lifespan

air conditioner condenser fan close up

With better air sealing and insulation, there will be less energy waste. HVAC equipment won’t have to work so hard to cool down or heat up the house. The reduced stress on the systems will help delay wear and tear. As a result, there will be fewer breakdowns and longer equipment lifespan.

Lower Energy Expenses

Hiring a professional to conduct an energy audit will cost money, but it is a small price to pay for a more energy-efficient home. After all, the recommendations provided at the end of the process will lead to lower energy expenses once implemented. Owners will enjoy savings for years to come.


Every household needs the energy to use modern appliances and devices. Consumption is inevitable, but it doesn’t have to be excessive. An energy audit will show you how you could keep the home comfortable while consuming less. With the help of a trained auditor, you can find opportunities for improvement and enjoy substantial savings on utility bills.

Benefits Of An Energy Audit Fort Collins

As you can see, scheduling an energy audit for your home leads to impressive outcomes. Ascend Construction specializes in insulation services, energy conservation, energy audits, whole house fan installations, and more in Fort Collins, Colorado, and the neighboring areas.

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