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9 Signs Your Fort Collins Home Might Be Under-Insulated

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Owning a home is an incredible achievement for many people throughout the country, but by the same token, their investment shouldn’t be made lightly. Becoming a homeowner doesn’t have the same benefits as renting a property. For example, as a tenant, a person calls their landlord to perform home repairs and other services, but if they own the property, the same person faces the brunt of all these costs.

While ownership gives them the advantage of deciding when to perform repairs, some repairs and improvements affect everything about the house, including the energy efficiency levels. Insulation is among the products that affect the property and how comfortable the owner and their family are year-round. To help you assess the functionality of your current insulation and whether you need to consider reinsulating house (an insulation upgrade), read more about these prevalent signs.

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Signs That You Need To Reinsulate Your Colorado House

Below we discuss the top 9 signs that you need to reevaluate the condition of your home’s insulation.

Sudden or Unexpected Energy Cost Increases

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Climate control is critical in keeping your home at a comfortable temperature. Unfortunately, an under-insulated house causes higher energy costs for several reasons. Without proper insulation, air leaks into and out of the home via the attic and walls, and it’s difficult for heating and cooling systems to compete. Instead, the heaters and air conditioners are likely to short cycle and run too often. Increased cycling requires more power and causes higher expenses.

Cold Ceilings & Flooring

In winter, under-insulated ceilings and floors are cold to the touch, especially at night. If your family complains that the floor is too cold, you need a professional insulation professionals to assess the insulation. Cold ceilings indicate that there isn’t enough insulation underneath the roof, and an upgrade stops heat from escaping through the roof and ceiling.

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Leaks in Your Attic

An attic’s structure requires insulation from top to bottom. If the living space has inadequate insulation or is under-insulated, rainwater could flow into the room and below it. Damp ceilings in rooms below the attic or a mushy, mold odor indicate that the attic was water exposure or leaks because of heavy storms. The best way to protect an attic is to keep it well-insulated and block rainwater from the ceiling, windows, and exterior walls.

Interior Temperatures Remain Inconsistent

feelin chilly due to air leaks at home

A well-insulated home has consistent temperatures from one room to the next, and the family stays comfortable all year. However, the room temperatures vary if the house isn’t well-insulated or has damaged insulation anywhere inside the property. Hiring a professional insulation contractors to perform an energy audit indicates if your home is under-insulated and finds severe safety risks related to energy and the current insulation installation.

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Recurring Pest Infestations

A carefully sealed and insulated home doesn’t attract pests, and unwanted pests such as rodents don’t get into the property. As rodents move around in the walls, they damage and displace insulation.

The lasting effects of pest infestations include energy efficiency loss and a variety of other conditions. Insulation experts help you mitigate related risks, and upgraded insulation and sealing stop pests from invading and infesting the home.

Your Water Pipes Freeze Often

Home construction tasks encompass services to create a structurally sound house, and insulation in the walls is crucial for the home and critical for protecting plumbing lines in the walls and floors. If your water pipes burst or leak every winter, it’s time to upgrade the insulation and gain better protection for these plumbing installations.

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Permeating Outside Noise

Home is where many homeowners go to get peace and quiet, and the family has the utmost privacy. Unfortunately, insufficient insulation and poor installations allow noise to come into the home and flow out of it, and no one gets privacy or gets the solace they want. You may need better insulation if you hear your neighbors, street traffic, or pets barking outside.

High-grade and adequately installed insulation stops outside noise and keeps nosy neighbors out of your business. While it won’t make the house soundproof, exterior noise is muffled and won’t disturb anyone sleeping or watching television or movies inside the home.

Ice Dams Your Gutters

image of an ice dam depicting home without proper insulation

In winter, families enjoy the warmth from heaters and fireplaces, and as they bake delicious goodies for the holidays, the kitchen is filled with heat and the aroma of these treats. Unfortunately, if the home isn’t well-insulated, heat escapes from the roof and flows outside. A dead giveaway that this is happening is ice damming in the gutters.

Long, sharp icicles are a dangerous byproduct of inadequate roof insulation and heat escape. An inspection and testing for the roof insulation determine if you need to set up a new installation to stop heat escape and keep the home and your family warmer and safer.

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Drafts in the Home

Drafts in the home cause fluctuating temperatures and trigger the thermostat. Proper insulation is the best way to stop drafts and improve your thermal envelope, especially around a thermostat, and your family stays comfortable all year without facing high energy costs during late spring and summer and late fall and winter. An insulation expert assesses the home for drafts and tests the insulation where these drafts are.

Insulation upgrades and home sealing cuts off drafts at the source. As a result, the home becomes more energy-efficient, and homeowners see reduced energy costs and comfortable temperatures throughout the property.


Throughout the years of homeownership, you may encounter many problems. But, instead of facing these issues alone, there are service providers who can help you improve your home affordably. For example, knowing the signs of under-insulation helps you decide when to call a professional to upgrade the insulation, make your home more comfortable, cut energy costs, and give you and your family the most out of your investment.

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When it concerns insulation, consulting with a professional insulation company is the best option. There are a lot of factors to consider when determining what type of insulation works best for your home. Ascend Construction specializes in insulation removal and installation, energy conservation, energy audits, whole house fan installations, and more in Fort Collins, Colorado, and the neighboring areas.

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