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Will Spray Foam Insulation Keep Pests Out Of Your Fort Collins Home?

image of cockroaches depicting spray foam pest deterrent

Do you hear scratching noise coming from your walls and attic? Do you see ants, fleas, mice, mosquitoes, and cockroaches around your house? Don’t ignore these pests because they can quickly multiply if you let them. Keep them out of the house by using deterrents like spray foam. If you want a critter-free home, then ask an experienced insulation contractor to install this for you. It can make a huge difference in your family’s comfort and wellbeing. Read on to learn more about the harm brought by pests and how spray foam is the best insulation for pest control. Likewise, we also discuss the importance of an insulation upgrade.

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The Harmful Impact of Pest Infestations In Colorado

Spreading Diseases

Infestations are not just eyesores. Pests may carry harmful viruses and bacteria, so these are legitimate health concerns. For example, rats have been causing plagues around the world for thousands of years. You don’t want these crawling around your house and spreading diseases in your family. Even without direct contact, they can still wreak havoc by leaving germs on surfaces and contaminating indoor air. Prevention is better than cure. Don’t let them get inside your house.

Triggering Allergies

woman sneezing due to poor indoor air quality due to pests

Pests have several ways of harming people. They could bite and sting if they sense a threat. Their venom may cause intense pain, swelling, and irritation. Pests could even carry allergens inside the home and trigger the sensitivities of vulnerable individuals. Many will leave their smelly feces and shed bits of their skin. These can pollute the home and reduce indoor air quality. They should never be allowed to step foot inside.

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Destroying the Structure

image of termite damage due to lack of pest prevention

Wood is food for many of these creatures. If your home has wooden frames and posts, then you’re in trouble. They can chew and burrow. It happens gradually so you may not notice it in the beginning. Over time, the structure will get weaker and the house will become dangerous to live in. Repairs are expensive, so it is much better to keep pests away today than to fix their mess in the future.

Damaging the Wires

Certain pests like mice have a habit of biting electrical wires. Some might end up chewing the wires of appliances and preventing them from running. They may also infiltrate the sensitive electrical panels and cause fire. Don’t give these tiny creatures a chance to do this much damage. You can’t underestimate them. Act quickly to keep them out.

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How Spray Foam Prevents Pest Infestation

Draft Prevention

Insects that would like to get in won’t be discouraged by closed doors and windows. They will simply scour the exterior for any point of entry. After all, their small size can fit into narrow cracks and holes. They simply need to be patient in looking for these. Drafts make it easier for them by pointing out the viable openings. Spray foam intervenes by forming an airtight barrier. Air cannot move in or out through the covered surfaces, preventing drafts and shunning the pests.

Gap Sealant

image of spray foam install in a colorado home and pest prevention

Other insulation materials may cover the walls, but they can slip, slide, or shrink over time. Any gap will remain there for pests to exploit. Meanwhile, spray foam will stick to the surfaces and harden. It will effectively seal the gaps so pests won’t be able to get in. The foam will remain there for many years without any maintenance necessary. Spraying insulation across the surface is much more efficient than finding each crack along the walls one by one to seal them.

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Durable Barrier

The most motivated pests may try to claw or chew their way through the walls in search of food. They might get past this initial shield, so you need another layer of protection to stop the advance. Spray foam insulation is one of the best barriers you can install. Once it cures, it becomes extremely hard such that most pests won’t be able to get through. You can drastically reduce the likelihood of infestation by using it.

Non-Consumable Material

Another thing going for spray foam is that it is a synthetic material. It is essentially an advanced type of plastic that has been formulated to provide excellent insulation. Since it is not organic, animals are not interested in eating it. The foam will not attract hungry pests, unlike cellulose insulation which they will find as edible. Spray foam has no nutritional value and is too hard to bite anyway.

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The Importance of Upgrading Your Insulation

If your old insulation suffered pest infestation, then replace it as soon as possible. It will no longer be as effective as it once was. There may be holes in the material that compromise its performance. They may have left droppings, hair, skin, and other allergens. Remove all traces of the offending creatures with the help of an exterminator. After that, install a better insulating material for a different outcome. One of your best options is spray foam insulation. Consult an experienced insulation contractor in this project to get the best results.


Preventing pest infestation should be a priority among homeowners. These harmful creatures have no place inside a house. Keeping things clean, disposing of garbage properly, and storing food in airtight containers surely help, but don’t forget about sealing the home to stop their entry. Spray foam insulation will improve energy efficiency while shielding you from pests. This versatile material will make life much better for your family. Just make sure that you install it correctly with the help of an expert contractor.

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Best Insulation For Pest Control Fort Collins CO

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