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Make Your Colorado Home More Energy Efficient This Earth Day With The Help Of Proper Insulation

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We often hear about climate change and other environmental issues on the news. The gravity of the problem can make people feel helpless about the looming crisis, yet the reality is that everyone can do their part to make things better. Our homes are the perfect starting point for this endeavor. For example, heating and cooling systems consume more energy than any other home appliance. Energy efficient insulation can improve home energy efficiency and lower carbon emissions. Read on to learn more just in time for Earth Day.

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What Is Home Insulation & How Does It Work In Fort Collins?

Heat naturally flows from a warm area to a cold area. In the winter, this results in heat transfer from the warm house interior to the cold outdoor environment. In the summer, the heat outdoors penetrates inside homes. To stop the flow of heat in both directions, you need to beef up the insulation around your house. Add materials with excellent insulating properties that suit your situation. Professional installers can help you determine the right choice.

Is Your Fort Collins Home Insulation Sufficient?

Studies have shown that 90% of single-family homes in America are not adequately insulated. That means there’s a high chance that your house could use a bit of work. This is particularly true for older homes such as those built before the 1960s that may even have insulation containing asbestos. Some signs of poor insulation include high energy bills, temperature variations from room to room, hanging icicles from the rooftop, and drafts that point to air leaks. If you are not sure about the exact age of your residence and the current condition of your insulation, then ask the experts to conduct an energy audit.

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The Benefits Of A Well-insulated Home In Fort Collins, Colorado

After several cold months, people are happy to welcome mild springtime weather. Many are going out more and doing things that weren’t possible during winter. However, summer is around the corner so it’s a good idea to prepare for extreme heat. Homeowners should consider professional HVAC maintenance, as well as the installation of new home insulation if necessary. Being proactive will result in the following benefits:

Stop Heat Exchange

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Better insulation will minimize the heat exchange between the indoors and the outdoors. The most vulnerable areas will get the greatest amount of insulating material. With these in place, the air conditioner will no longer have to work extra hard since the air inside the house will stay cool for longer. This increases energy efficiency.

Prevent Air Leakage

Aside from heat exchange, homes may suffer from air leakage due to holes and gaps around the perimeter. Many are unaware that it is happening until professionals perform an energy audit and point to these issues. Air leakage wastes energy as it forces the HVAC system to compensate for what was lost. Some insulating materials can plug the holes so you don’t have to worry about leaks.

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Improve HVAC Duct Performance

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While insulated ducts are not always necessary, some homeowners may want to consider this solution. Bare metal ducts are unable to push conditioned air effectively across different rooms. By adding insulation, you can improve duct performance and reliability.

Enjoy Energy Savings

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Higher energy efficiency means that you can use less gas and electricity to achieve the same desired indoor temperature. With lower energy consumption comes significant savings on energy bills. You will no longer stress about utilities every month. If you add up the annual savings, then you can easily justify the installation of added insulating materials.

Increase House Resale Value

Sticking to the topic of finances, you can also consider the increased resale value of the house because of this home improvement project. Insulation may not be as flashy as a kitchen renovation but prospective buyers will surely appreciate this feature of the house if you ever decide to sell it.

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Enhance Home Comfort

Greater insulation brings enhanced comfort. You can go around the house and enjoy a consistent temperature throughout. Leaks and heat transfers won’t be felt as much after the installation. The HVAC equipment won’t be using as much energy yet it will be able to deliver better indoor conditions and make you want to stay.

Reduce Environmental Impact

Scientists have been sounding the alarms about global warming and climate change for decades. We can already feel some of the effects of melting ice caps, rising sea level, and increasing extreme weather events. HVAC systems and other household appliances generate greenhouse gasses. However, increased efficiency through insulation reduces the environmental impact.

Where To Install Insulation

In most homes, the areas that require insulation are the attic, exterior walls, basements, and crawlspaces. Windows and door frames may also require sealing. The amount of additional insulating material and its distribution around the house will depend on various factors. It is best to conduct an energy audit before starting this project to get a better understanding of what the structure needs.

Types Of Insulation Used In Fort Collins

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  • Cellulose Insulation – Provides a good balance of cost and performance. Its density creates a superior sound barrier. This recycled product is eco-friendly.
  • Fiberglass Insulation – Easily available material, less dusty compared to cellulose, a breeze to install, and comes in a variety of widths.
  • Spray Foam Insulation – Insulates while plugging air leaks. It can fill every nook and cranny. Suitable for retrofitting attics, basements, and crawl spaces.
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Earth Day is a reminder that we only have one fragile planet. If we take care of it, then it will take care of us. There are many environmental issues today but your home could become part of the solution. Consider adding more insulation with the help of experienced installers.

Energy Efficient Insulation Fort Collins CO

When it concerns insulation, consulting with a professional insulation company is the best option. There are a lot of factors to consider when determining the condition of your insulation. Ascend Construction specializes in insulation removal and installation, energy conservation, energy audits, whole house fan installations, and more in Fort Collins, Colorado, and the neighboring areas.

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