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Why Spring Is The Perfect Time To Insulate Your Home

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Winter has faded and spring has begun. After a long period of chilly weather, most are embracing the return of milder temperatures. Homeowners can breathe a sigh of relief now that they no longer have to deal with high energy costs or round-the-clock discomfort. However, summer is around the corner and winter will eventually come again. Being at the mercy of the weather is not a good way to live. A better strategy is to improve insulation in houses for the purpose of reducing vulnerability to outside conditions. Don’t wait. Do it this spring to reap multiple benefits.

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How Does Insulation In Houses Work?

Before we proceed, it is important to understand how home insulation works and why it matters. The Second Law of Thermodynamics states that heat will always try to move from a hot area to a cold area. In winter, homes fire up their furnaces and boilers to keep the interior warm while it snows outside. However, heat will find ways to escape through cracks, gaps, and poorly insulated walls. Minimize heat transfer by sealing the gaps and beefing up the insulation. This should keep heat inside the house warm and toasty. It also lessens the stress on your heating system.

How Home Insulation Protects During Summer

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Winter may be over but don’t think that you can forget about insulation until the next year. Summer is coming soon and that means sweltering heat. The opposite phenomenon happens wherein the heat from outside will try to penetrate the house. Sure, you can turn on your air conditioner to stay cool but this may not help much if you have poor insulation. You might still feel warm inside the house unless you push the AC further. However, this will result in high energy consumption and even higher energy bills. It is far better to enhance insulation so that the cooling system won’t be overworked.

Better insulation will keep the sun’s heat away from your interiors. The protective barrier will prevent heat transfer so you can feel cool and comfortable indoors even at high noon. You can even use milder settings on the AC without any issues. As you can see, insulation works throughout the year to reduce the effects of outside conditions on the indoor environment. It is definitely worth your while to make the improvements, preferably in the spring. Read on to learn why this season is the perfect time to work on your home.

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Why You Should Insulate Your Home In Spring

1. Save Money On Energy Expenses

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Although it is possible to get insulation at any time throughout the year, it is far better to act now rather than later. A lot of people wait until the winter to get this work done because they want to save on energy costs during the cold months. However, energy costs also tend to jump during summer so it makes sense to save money once the temperature rises. Insulation works both ways: keeping heat in during winter and blocking heat out during summer. It helps the household all year long to maintain high efficiency and reduce expenses.

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2. Avoid The Rush

Another reason to act in the spring is that there are fewer people calling for insulation services. Hence, you can set your preferred schedule and get all the work done just the way you want. Just sit back and relax knowing that the technicians will come at the appointed hour. If you wait until later, then you may find that shops are already fully booked. It would be difficult to scramble for appointments when their phones are ringing nonstop. As winter approaches, there will be a ton of homeowners desperately wanting insulation. Be proactive. Don’t wait until the last minute.

3. Stay Comfortable With Updated Home Insulation

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Have you always felt unsatisfied with the temperature controls in your home? If your HVAC system is relatively new, then perhaps it is not the equipment that is at fault here. Maybe your house simply has poorly insulated walls and attics. By working on those, you can improve indoor comfort right away without having to replace your heating and cooling systems. Added insulation will give you greater confidence to face the scorching heat at the peak of summer. You can also go through the harshest winter days without feeling the chill.

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4. Reduce Consumption

With a well-insulated home, you can reduce your dependence on the HVAC system. You no longer have to put the AC on full blast just to feel cool during the summer. You can work out in your room or do other intense activities while feeling fine. In the winter, you can set lower the amount of fuel consumed by the furnace by using milder settings on the thermostat. You will feel perfectly fine indoors even if it is snow is piling up outdoors. You can sleep well during the night thanks to the increased insulation that keeps the house warm.


Spring is here. Take advantage of everything that it has to offer while preparing for the coming seasons. Put home insulation at the top of your list. It is a great addition that will serve you and your family throughout the year. Look for a reliable home insulation contractor and book your appointment right away.

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As you can see, there are many benefits to adding insulation to your home before the summer heat hits. The best approach is to consult with an insulation contractor, like Ascend Construction. Ascend Construction specializes in energy conservation, energy audits, insulation, whole house fan installations, and more in Fort Collins, Colorado, and neighboring areas.

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