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The Importance Of Home Air Sealing On Energy Costs In Colorado

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Limiting air from leeching out and worming its way in through various spots around your home is one of the main ways to reduce energy costs. Home air sealing stops unfiltered air from coming in and puts an end to temperature-controlled air flowing out. As a homeowner, it is crucial to seal your home for many reasons. In addition to saving you money on energy costs month after month, properly air sealing your residence will increase comfort in every room and provide a healthier atmosphere overall.

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The Importance of Air Sealing Your Home on Energy Costs In Fort Collins

The most important reason that it is vital to air seal your home is to save money. According to an Energy Star report, the Environmental Protection Agency estimates that the average household would save 15% on its energy bill by adequately air sealing and insulating the home. Even small areas lacking the proper seal impact your energy bill by constantly allowing a massive amount of heated or cooled air out.

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How Does Air Sealing Reduce HVAC and Energy Expenses?

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A higher energy bill results from a furnace or air conditioner constantly turning on and excessively running as it attempts to meet and maintain a specified temperature. As more conditioned air seeps out and untreated air flows in, your HVAC system has to work harder to meet its demand. A properly air sealed home will stay at its set temperature easier, which allows the HVAC system to rest and therefore lowers energy expenses.

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So What Exactly is Air Sealing?

An air seal is a block that prevents air or vapor from flowing through it. Air sealing is the act of eliminating gaps that would otherwise allow air to freely flow in or out by adding materials to the areas that lack a proper seal. Some spots that may require a new or improved seal include underneath doors that lead to the outside, throughout attics, along ducts, and around windows.

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Why is Air Flow a Problem?

Some air flow is necessary for a home, but too much can quickly lead to trouble. To determine if there is an issue, experts rely on the air exchange rate in a given room, which is how many times all of the air is completely removed and replaced over the span of one hour. According to the ASHRAE, the optimum air exchange rate should be about .35 per hour per person in the room. However, the average home exceeds 1-2 changes each hour, or more than triple the suggested amount, which indicates higher energy costs due to air leaks.

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What Materials Are Used for Air Sealing?

An assortment of tools may be employed to get the job done, but what your home needs depends on the area that requires a seal. The most straightforward and widely recognized products that contribute to an air seal are various caulks and weatherstrips, though they are not ideal in every situation. Once the assessment is complete, a reputable professional will determine which product is needed to fix the problem in each instance. Other materials that may be required include:

  • Gaskets
  • Rigid foam
  • Metal flashing
  • Polyethylene plastic
  • UL181 or foil-faced tape
  • Mastics (for duct connections and joints)
  • Backer rods (closed-cell foams or rope caulks)
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Are There Other Benefits to Air Sealing in Addition to Saving Money?

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Properly air sealing your home is beneficial in multiple ways. Air sealing will not only save you money but will also:

  • Protect indoor air quality
  • Make the home energy-efficient
  • Minimize drafts around the house
  • Create a comfortable atmosphere
  • Potentially allow for energy tax credits
  • Cause less strain on the home’s HVAC system
  • Ensure even temperatures throughout the house
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Where in the Home Might Air Sealing Be Necessary?

Air sealing is crucial in every square inch of a house, but certain areas have a history of requiring more attention than others. The most evident spots include windows, doors, and chimneys. Lesser known locations are those that homeowners presume are already airtight, like foundations, interior walls, and floors. Additional areas that may require an air seal are:

  • Around skylights
  • Throughout crawl spaces
  • Around bathtubs or jacuzzi tubs
  • Inside cabinets located under sinks
  • Around hatch doors that lead to the attic
  • Around light fixtures or recessed lighting, even if there is insulation above it
  • Around pipes that snake throughout the home, under the floor, and up the walls
  • In any spot where something cuts into the wall, including exhaust fans, light switches, wall outlets, and vents

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Does a Professional Need to Lead Air Sealing Efforts?

The average homeowner should not try to fix an air seal problem alone. Attempts by inexperienced individuals will provide a homeowner with the pretense that the home is airtight without yielding any noticeable results. In reality, air sealing is long, tedious, and technical. It requires extensive knowledge and training to diagnose and remedy the problem.

Most homes are not properly air-sealed, causing homeowners to pay the price. Considering all of the benefits, it pays to have a professional assess your home for areas that need a seal. The money you spend to have your home air sealed correctly will save you more in the long run while creating a healthier and more pleasant living environment for everyone under your roof.

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