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Feeling Uncomfortable In Your Room Above The Garage? Follow These Insulation Tips

image of bonus room above garage depicting room above garage insulation

Using the bonus room above your garage gives you enough space for everything else, but if you feel uncomfortable while in it because the garage itself radiates heat into the room during summertime and makes the room incredibly cold during the winter months, it is time to get your insulation fixed. This article discusses room above garage insulation.

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Recommended Insulation Materials Room Above Garage In Colorado

Insulating a finished room above your garage means insulating its floors, exterior walls, flooring, and ceiling with any of the following materials:

  • Spray foam – This liquid foam has been used by industry experts for over 30 years. It is sprayed to make an insulating layer for your roof, walls, and floors. Because it comes in liquid foam form before it sets, it can cover hard-to-reach areas. Once this material is applied to cracks and crevices, the foam expands and immediately dries. It effectively blocks heat, water, and cold, as well as prevents the growth of mold and mildew. It is a good noise reduction material, too – the perfect choice for homes that are located in the busier parts of the neighborhood. Spray foam insulation can also block allergens, pollutants, bugs, insects, and rodents.
  • Fiberglass batts – Fiberglass batts are durable, flexible, and cheap. They are available as pre-cut panels, loose fill, and rolls, making them a wonderful option for those who want to cut on insulation costs while still ensuring that the home is well-insulated. An eco-friendly material, fiberglass is also a fire retardant, can reduce noise pollution, and prevents mold and mildew. While it has a good overall rating, its thermal protection can decrease over time.
  • Blown-in cellulose – Made from recycled paper products and wood, this environmentally-friendly insulation option can fit in tight areas as well as mold its shape to conform to ductwork and pipes. It is also a great insect and vermin deterrent. This material, although often used for insulating walls, is best for attic insulation as said area can be packed with more cellulose to account for the possibility of it settling.

To get the best material for your home, particularly the room above your garage, it is best to call an expert for an inspection. You can also review other types of materials under the categories above and consult with your contractor afterward.

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Insulate Exterior Walls

image of room above garage and depicting insulating room above garage

Your contractor will not forget to check the walls of your bonus room, but you should still keep this in mind so that you have everything covered. There is usually no insulation in the walls of extra rooms, making them extremely uncomfortable.

You already know the problem – drafts make it more difficult for your home to remain warm or cold, and it also fails to conserve energy, whatever the weather.

Spray foam or blown-in cellulose are good options for exterior wall insulation as they do not require tearing out the drywall. Blown-in cellulose can cover most areas, but due to its clumpy nature, it will leave some parts of the wall uninsulated. Spray foam, on the other hand, offers coverage for all areas, including hard-to-reach ones, thereby creating an airtight seal. While it is more expensive than cellulose, this material will help your household save money on energy bills.

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Insulate the Floor Above the Garage

residential house garage interior

Most homes do not have heating or air conditioning in the garage. Although this makes sense, it is detrimental to the room right above it. If it is extremely cold outside, the garage will be cold, too, and it will affect your bonus room. The same thing happens when it’s hot out.

Your contractor will give you two options for insulating your flooring – fiberglass or spray foam. Fiberglass batts can be fitted into the ceiling of the garage to create a seal. Experts usually advise against batts for this particular situation, though, as they accumulate pollutants.

Spray foam, on the other hand, does not need to be cut because it is liquid foam and can be easily installed beneath the floor. Aside from regulating the temperature in your extra room, it does not allow the air coming from the garage to come in. And as mentioned, it also dampens noise.

It must be noted that most homes do not have good insulation installed between the bonus room’s floor and the garage’s ceiling, especially if the original insulation has never been touched or replaced. Most contractors start by inspecting this area, and if found lacking, drilling and filling the garage ceiling with spray foam or high-density cellulose is done.

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Insulating the Ceiling of the Bonus Room

It is not just the air coming from the garage that homeowners need to worry about when it comes to their bonus rooms. It is also ideal to insulate the ceiling of the bonus room itself. The easiest and cheapest way is to apply spray foam, as it only requires dismantling parts of the ceiling to fill the gap in between. However, if you want fiberglass batts, your contractor will need to get rid of the drywall to put them in place. It is also important to call an electrician during the installation to ensure that your home’s electrical wiring is protected.

Cracks and Airflow

Asking your contractor to seal all gaps in your extra room is a must, and while they are at it, have them inspect everything else just to be sure. All areas must be insulated the right way to ensure that your bonus room and the other rooms beside it are comfortable. An inspection of your HVAC system is also recommended.

A Comfortable Room

Once your contractor has installed the insulation system in your home, your bonus room will become one of the coziest rooms in your house. It will no longer be too hot during summer and won’t be freezing during winter.

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Room Above Garage Insulation Fort Collins CO

When it concerns air sealing or upgrading your home’s insulation, consulting with a professional is always the best option. However, not all insulation contractors will offer the same quality of service and pricing. Always work with the best one in your area. Residents of Fort Collins and the neighboring area can call Ascend Construction for superior service.

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