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4 Winter Benefits Of Spray Foam Insulation In Fort Collins

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Are you dreading the cold season? If past winters left you feeling uncomfortable, do something to avoid a repeat this year. Ensure a better experience for yourself and your family by improving insulation. Consider using advanced materials to shield your home from winter weather. Fiberglass and cellulose may be affordable, but they offer inadequate protection. This time, try spray foam insulation in winter to feel the difference.

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4 Winter Benefits of Spray Foam Insulation

Spray foam is a soft plastic material that expands and hardens as it cools. It sticks to surfaces to form an airtight barrier. It can seal cracks and gaps, stopping cold drafts and moisture seepage. It is also known for its high R-value. These characteristics provide multiple benefits to homeowners. Just ensure proper installation by relying on experienced professionals to get optimum results. Read on to learn about the four primary benefits of spray foam insulation during wintertime.

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Increase Structural Rigidity

Closed-cell spray foam can add strength to any structure. It is a welcome benefit for those who want homes to last longer. Inside the material are encapsulated cells, hence the name. These building blocks give it a higher rigidity and density versus open-cell spray foam. Once the insulation sticks to a surface, it lends its hardness to the section and keeps it intact despite physical stress. Roofs and exterior walls become more stable under load. They are less likely to buckle when compressed, such as when carrying lots of snow or resisting high winds.

It is not just a qualitative observation. The National Association of Home Builders conducted a study to measure the level of reinforcement given by closed-cell foam. Based on their tests, walls gain a 300% improvement in racking strength after applying this insulation. Open-cell spray foam is up to five times less dense than the closed-cell variant, so it does not provide the same structural integrity. It is suitable for hard-to-reach areas because of its excellent expansion capacity.

Minimize Mold Growth

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Moisture seepage, such as condensation, on porous materials is a big headache. If you have wooden walls, you risk the possibility of a rotting home. The wet organic surfaces will also attract fungi, such as mold and mildew, which will feast on the fibers for energy. These can grow all over the home and release harmful spores that could trigger respiratory ailments. They can reduce indoor air quality and make the family feel ill. You must figure out ways to minimize mold growth, such as improving ventilation and using a dehumidifier. Better yet, install moisture barriers such as spray foam insulation.

Hire a reputable contractor to install spray foam in the most vulnerable areas around the house. These include the exterior walls, the attic, and the basement. The material is non-organic, so mold cannot consume it. The foam sticks to the surface, so no air or water can seep. With this in place, you can also avoid the formation of ice dams and icicles on your roof. It will make your home safer since there is a lower risk of falling ice and water damage. Check your roof for frost line formation. It is your sign to add insulation before the heavy snowfall comes.

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Boost Energy Efficiency

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Homes with HVAC systems consume tremendous energy to control indoor temperature. Unfortunately, unwanted outdoor air can get inside and make the job harder for the equipment. If cold air gets inside during winter, the furnace must work harder and burn more fuel to make the house warm. Heating costs rise along with consumption. The same problem happens in the summer. If you want to reduce energy waste, seal up your home. Caulking and weatherstripping can go a long way, but these may not be enough. Avoid air leaks by applying spray foam insulation around your home to create a solid air barrier.

According to research, up to 56% of household energy consumption comes from heating and cooling systems. That is a large slice of the energy pie. The Environmental Protection Agency says you can slash as much as 20% on your monthly energy bills by sealing air leaks and adding insulation. You can do both simultaneously with spray foam insulation. With its high R-value, you can apply a thin layer and achieve excellent protection. It is more practical than other forms of insulation for regions that experience extreme temperatures.

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Prevent Frozen Pipes

image of a frozen pipe that has bursted and thawed

Imagine a home without running water. It would be hard to live in one. You cannot cook, clean, or bathe. You will find it difficult to wash clothes and maintain a garden. That is what could happen if your plumbing system succumbs to the freezing temperatures of winter. The water inside the pipes may freeze and expand, causing sections to burst from the pressure. Insulation can shield water pipes from the cold air around them. Spray foam is particularly suited for this type of application.

Water pipes often run along exterior walls. Add foam insulation to these areas for protection against any weather. For new constructions or renovations, add foam before closing the wall cavities. For existing walls, professionals may add injection foam. Provide the same protection above and below the house. Insulate the attic and crawl space with the spray. Since it is plastic, it repels moisture and remains pristine in wet environments. Do the same for basement rim joists to prevent outside air from getting inside.

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Spray foam insulation can change the way you think of winter. Use it to seal your home from cold air and moisture. You will experience greater comfort, lower bills, and a healthier indoor environment. Call a reputable insulation company for proper installation.

Spray Foam Insulation In Winter In Colorado

When it concerns air sealing or upgrading your home’s insulation, consulting with a professional is the best option. However, not all will offer the same quality of service and pricing. Always work with the best one in your area. Residents of Fort Collins and the neighboring area can call Ascend Construction for superior service.

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