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The Benefits Of The Inflation Reduction Act For Colorado Homeowners

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Are you feeling the pinch? It’s hard to cope with surging prices, especially when it is the highest inflation in the last four decades. The government is trying to restore order through the Federal Reserve, but it is not enough. Now the administration is using legislation to push ambitious programs, such as an Inflation Reduction Act, that reduce commodity prices, boost energy resilience, and tackle climate change. Eco-conscious Colorado homeowners are bound to reap the benefits.

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What is The Inflation Reduction Act?

The Inflation Reduction Act is a comprehensive solution to a complex problem. Policymakers had to look at the drivers of inflation from multiple angles: wars, pandemics, supply chain issues, and more. They identified helpful strategies, set specific goals, and provided incentives to achieve these. The result is a package that would pump $369 billion into the fight against climate change. Saving the planet and reducing prices will go hand-in-hand.

The Benefits to Colorado Homeowners

If you plan to make energy-centric home improvements, you’re in luck. The law may give you rebates and tax breaks to go green. The financial incentives are a big win for consumers. They should reduce the cost of acquisition and installation while paving the way for lower monthly bills. Businesses also have their share of incentives, with the savings expected to trickle down to the consumers. You can look forward to the following benefits:

Home Energy Rebates

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Avail of the HOMES rebate program. It will pay you to cut your household energy consumption through efficiency retrofits. Examples include adding insulation and installing modern HVAC systems. You can potentially recover half of the project cost. The maximum rebate amount is $2,000 for 20% energy cuts and $4,000 for 35% cuts. Low-income households have a higher ceiling.

Home Efficiency Projects

The bill provides a 30% tax credit for high-efficiency fixture installation. It’s your chance to get better skylights, exterior doors and windows, water heaters, heat pumps, and biomass stoves. You can also use this incentive to cover a home energy audit and electrical panel upgrades. Note that they all have upper dollar limits, and items must meet efficiency criteria to qualify.

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Home Appliances

It is time to replace your old appliances. New models have better efficiency and reliability. You will not have to worry about the cost with the government incentives. You can get up to $14,000 in rebates by choosing qualified water heaters, clothes dryers, and space heaters. The bill also covers items beyond appliances, including insulation, electric wiring, and electric load service center upgrades.

Alternative Energy Sources

Energy is a sensitive geopolitical issue. Relying on other countries results in vulnerability. The US government wants to reduce external dependence while shifting to cleaner sources. An existing program has been pushing this agenda for years, but it was due to expire soon. The new bill extends and enhances it by raising the tax credit from 26% to 30%.

Why An Insulation Upgrade Comes First

All the perks are tempting. If you are scratching your head about what to do first, choose air sealing and insulation. This essential home efficiency upgrade will support everything else that will follow. It will make the home airtight and resistant to heat flow, allowing you to:

Reduce HVAC Sizing Requirement

Air sealing and insulation help the home shrug off the temperature fluctuations throughout the year. Your heating and cooling needs will not be as high as before, so you can downsize when selecting a new HVAC system. Smaller HVAC systems tend to be more affordable.

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Lower Energy Consumption

Insulation and an air-sealed home will also pull down your household energy consumption. There will be less discomfort in the summer and winter. You will rarely need to turn on your HVAC system. When you do, mild settings are enough to get you through the day.

Reduce Alternative Energy Needs

Solar panels can be expensive. Decrease the energy load to reduce the number of units required to power the house. Boost your home’s insulation and use a small HVAC system so you can go off-grid for less.

The Importance of Upgrading Insulation

image of an insulation contractor removing asbestos insulation

Consider enhancing insulation even if you don’t plan to purchase solar panels or HVAC systems. It can still offer numerous benefits as a standalone project. Insulation is a logical addition if you want to accomplish the following:

Improve Household Comfort

With professionally installed insulation, you can ensure uniform temperatures throughout the house. Your family will be comfortable no matter which room they choose to occupy. You can also say goodbye to cold drafts.

Minimize Energy Costs

image of homeowner calculating energy bills

If the recent bills are giving you headaches, insulate your home. Prevent heat from getting in during summer. Keep it inside during winter. Your air conditioner and furnace will have less work. You can reduce your energy consumption and utility payments.

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Tone Down the Noise

Do you live in a noisy neighborhood? Insulation will help you block much of the sound beyond the walls. You can sleep soundly despite passing cars, barking dogs, and loud neighbors.

Keep Unwanted Pollutants Away

Wall gaps can be the gateway for pests, dust, pollen, and pathogens. Insulation can cover these and make your home a healthier environment.

Why An Airtight Home Is Necessary

Contrary to popular belief, an airtight home is ideal. Instead of worrying about it, you should crave it. Adding insulation will seal the gaps and give you complete control over your environment. You can dictate the exact temperature and humidity indoors.

Challenge the assumption that natural ventilation is superior. If you rely on the wind for airflow, you will be a slave to the whims of nature. Furthermore, your indoor air quality will suffer. Mechanical ventilation is better if you want a constant flow of air and better indoor air quality. It can also reduce energy costs by ensuring predictable and well-designed air exchange.

Sealing a home is vital for its efficiency. You want airtight walls that keep conditioned air inside to cool you down. A leaky house lets air escape, forcing your AC to work and consume more energy.

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Everyone is trying to cope with rising inflation. The Inflation Reduction Act can help households save money while acquiring energy-efficient upgrades. Start with insulation and get other green additions as you need. These will provide long-term financial and ecological benefits.

Inflation Reduction Act Fort Collins CO

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