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Why Call A Colorado Insulation Contractor When Replacing Your Roof

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Roof replacement is a big decision. It may be costly, but it is often necessary to stop leaks and prevent property damage. Do it right to maximize your investment. Tackle related sections in one go. For example, you may call an insulation contractor for parallel improvements to your roof insulation. Their presence in your home can lead to the following benefits:

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Why Call A Fort Collins Insulation Contractor When Replacing Your Roof

This article discusses why you should address your roof insulation when replacing your roof.

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Get an Insulation Diagnosis

Most US homes are under-insulated. One study estimates that between 65% and 80% of houses could use more insulation material. Your property may be part of the statistics, especially if it is an old home. There is no need to guess. A specialist can perform tests and inspections to provide an accurate diagnosis. He will explain all his findings so you can make an informed decision on how to move forward. The report will include the strengths and weaknesses of the existing insulation, as well as the suggested improvements.

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Take Advantage of a Rare Opportunity

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You don’t always get the chance to see the internal roof structure from the top. Grab the opportunity when it presents itself. Once the roofers remove the old materials, insulation contractors can get a better view of what’s underneath. They may spot things that were not visible from below, like signs of water damage or mold growth. These may reduce the R-value of the insulation and create potential health risks. Findings like these help the specialist create a suitable solution for each unique situation.

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Obtain Advice from a Specialist

Some homeowners depend entirely on their roofer or general contractor, even for projects like installing new insulation. It is a risky move. These professionals are not as skilled or experienced in this task compared to dedicated insulation contractors. They do not have the training. Also, they could miss vital steps and provide sub-optimum results. They may not even have the knowledge to answer questions about the project because they are relying on crude assumptions. In addition, they may fold when confronted with unusual obstacles, resulting in a half-finished project. Obtain advice from a specialist to gain more confidence.

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Reduce Energy Costs

Households pay a fortune for heating and cooling. Indoor temperature control is responsible for nearly a third of the annual residential energy consumption in the US. Reducing consumption brings down the cost, but turning off the HVAC system or using less-than-ideal settings may not be attractive options. Fortunately, there is another way. Insulation contractors are highly sensitive to energy efficiency. It is their mission to increase this metric. They will do everything to beef up the R-value and seal the gaps. Their work will help you reduce energy costs for years to come.

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Improve Home Comfort

A glass that’s leaking will not quench your thirst. The same principle applies to HVAC systems. Even the best equipment will not provide comfort in a leaky house. Air leaks make your air conditioner and furnace work hard without satisfactory results. Conditioned air escapes outdoors, preventing the indoor temperature from reaching your desired setting. Cold drafts may also blow inside the home through the gaps. More importantly, dust, dirt, pollen, and other allergens can enter to wreak havoc on air quality. Insulation contractors can find these gaps and close them for you. They can also recommend materials that deliver excellent insulation and air sealing in one package.

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Gain Long-term Solutions

General contractors often have a long list of tasks in every project. They may opt for quick fixes to insulation issues so they can move on to other pressing issues. Their lack of focus leads to disappointing results. Their choice of materials may prioritize cost over function. Even their installation process may include multiple errors. Homeowners suffer from this fast degradation. They end up needing costly new insulation not long after the last installation. Avoid this cycle. Get an insulation contractor to gain long-term solutions. Stretch your dollars by picking the best professional for the job from the start.

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Repair Roofer-inflicted Damage

As you can see, hiring an insulation contractor before or during a roof replacement is highly beneficial. But what if you already have a new roof? It is just as rewarding. It is never too late to call the experts. They can conduct an inspection and repair roofer-inflicted damage.

  • Thermal Resistance: Roofers are focused on the roof, not the insulation. They might accidentally cause problems while they work, like letting debris fall randomly. A specialist might find uneven surfaces because of foreign matter. Some sections may even have punctures. These will result in non-uniform thermal resistance. The rooms under the roof will feel the difference, with some being hotter than others. Insulation contractors can perform corrective measures.
  • Collapsed Insulation: Roofers may also step on areas with insulation. The pressure can make the material collapse, reducing its effectiveness. Homeowners may add to the problem by storing heavy objects in the attic. These press down on the floor insulation and create the same results. It may only affect specific sections of the attic, so the heat resistance will vary. Pay attention to areas with high foot traffic.
  • Ventilation: The attic should also have good ventilation to regulate temperature and moisture. Soffit vents must allow unrestricted airflow. However, sometimes roofers add insulation that blocks these vents. It results in high heat and excess moisture – the perfect recipe for mold growth. Don’t wait until it becomes a health risk. Protect your family at once. Call an insulation contractor to check the vents and perform repairs if necessary.

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Roof replacements are rare opportunities for extensive home improvements. Grab the chance to install new insulation for better energy efficiency and lower monthly bills. Call an insulation contractor to work in parallel with the roofer. They can perform the installation with excellent results. They can also appear post-renovation to check for damage and provide tremendous help.

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