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Top Reasons You Should Insulate Your Crawl Space In Colorado

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Crawl spaces can be found in millions of American homes. They are usually less than six feet tall. This area separates the first story of a house from the earth below. It may contain electrical wires, a water heater, or other equipment. By hiring reputable crawl space insulation contractors to insulate your crawl space, you can make your home a safer and more affordable place to live.

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What Are The Benefits Of Insulating Your Fort Collins Crawl Space?

In this article, we discuss some of the advantages of proper insulated crawl space.

Improve Energy Efficiency In Your Fort Collins Home

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Insulation improves a building’s thermal envelope, resulting in lower cooling and heating expenses. This benefit holds extra importance at a time when energy costs have risen significantly. You probably spend fairly little time in your crawl space, but its temperature affects the rest of your home. Crawl space encapsulation will help keep hot or cold air outside.

An insulated crawl space generally cuts energy spending by around 15 percent. This number may vary depending on the equipment you use, the size of your dwelling, and other factors. For example, perhaps there is a tank-based water heater in this part of your home. Insulation could help it work more efficiently during cold winter nights.

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Greater Comfort

Improved energy efficiency will allow your HVAC system to achieve better results and maintain the desired temperature throughout your home. It reduces the need to endure excessively hot or cold air to save money on heating and cooling. Insulation can also make your living quarters more comfortable by eliminating air quality and moisture problems (keep reading for more details) and well as noise reduction.

Pipe Protection

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Even in rather warm parts of the country, temperatures sometimes fall below freezing. Crawl spaces often contain water pipes. They can easily freeze and burst if the area lacks insulation. This leads to costly plumbing repairs and may result in several other problems. For instance, you might have to pay a particularly large water bill because of the leaked water.

Burst pipes could also damage building materials, belongings, and equipment in your crawl space. Unless everything is thoroughly dried within a short time, mold growth may occur. You can save substantial amounts of money and effort by using insulation to prevent these problems. This home upgrade will also give you peace of mind when unusually cold weather approaches.

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Storage Area

While it might not be as safe as a bedroom closet, your crawl space could become a more useful storage area when insulated. It will not flood as easily during rainy weather. Insulation also reduces the risk of severe temperatures that might harm belongings. You may still benefit from taking some precautions to protect stored items, such as putting them in plastic bins.

Like energy efficiency, additional storage room could help you save cash in the long run. You can keep extra belongings without having to build a shed or rent a storage unit. If your garage or closets are so full that you have difficulty finding things, a well-insulated crawl space could provide an affordable solution.

Improve Air Quality

By limiting moisture and sealing your home more thoroughly, insulation enhances indoor air quality. It can decrease the number of mold spores and allergens throughout your house. Mold is less likely to grow in a relatively dry crawl space. A thoroughly sealed home enables air conditioners and furnaces to filter air more successfully. This may benefit your health in multiple ways.

Even if you have no allergies, low indoor air quality has the potential to trigger headaches and sore throats. It might also irritate your eyes or make you feel tired. Basements and crawl spaces are often major sources of these ailments, so it is vital to maintain these areas and prevent moisture problems. This can also stop unpleasant odors from developing.

Banish Pests

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Certain insects and rodents have been known to take up residence in crawl spaces. They can destroy stored belongings, chew on wires and make a mess. There is often little to stop them from invading the first story of your home. As long as pests can find a way to enter the building, sprays and mouse traps will rarely solve the problem.

Fortunately, insulation helps to keep these harmful creatures at bay. They will not be able to infiltrate your house as easily. By reducing the amount of moisture, insulation also makes it harder for most pests to survive in a crawl space. This could prevent you from having to spend large sums of money on pest control products and services.

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Increase The Resale Value Of Your Colorado Home

An insulated crawl space can increase the value of a house. This holds importance if you plan to sell your home when you have kids or retire. Even if you expect to stay in the same place, keep in mind that you might unexpectedly need to move elsewhere because of your job or a change in health.

Homebuyers may not immediately notice an insulated crawl space. However, they will certainly appreciate cleaner air, energy efficiency, more storage room and a lack of pests. Insulation has a much greater impact on quality of life than a new stove or fresh paint. It also provides lasting value because it does not have to keep up with the latest decor trends.


To sum it up, crawl space insulation enhances comfort and helps you conserve cash in several effective ways. Be sure to hire a reputable professional to maximize the benefits through expert installation. Homeowners can rely on Ascend Construction to thoroughly insulate crawl spaces and help them find other ways to save energy. Its knowledgeable staff also installs dependable whole-house fans.

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